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A focus to assist planetary balance and peace



Introduction to the Order of the Violet Flame


Portia Mereki is the leader of the Order of the Violet Flame, which has been operating from Australia from Archangel Michael's Festival 29 Sept. 2002. The focus of the regular meditations, Earth Healing Services and occasional workshops and retreats, is to contribute to the work for planetary peace and eventual ascension of humanity. Through this work we connect to the global network of people of goodwill who give of their time and energy to transforming the conditions on this planet.


The Violet Flame is an action of the 7th Ray, which is the current divine impulse influencing the Earth and will do so for the next 2000 years. The 7th Ray is re-establishing order to bring the planet and its population in line with the divine plan, by drawing forth from humanity all faults and distractions that stand in the way of the manifestation of this plan. Habits and patterns of thought, beliefs, feelings and actions are not easy to change. We are comfortable in what we think we know and do. The effects of working with the Violet Flame include freeing each one of us from old patterns and behaviours. It is an ancient tool, and the tool that is perfect for this time to lead us to freedom and ascension. When we invoke the Violet Flame, it enters deep into the atoms of our being and draws into itself all that is not in line with our highest good. It can clear karma and increase mental, emotional and even physically health - it is grace in action.


Freedom brings the acknowledgment that we are divine beings of light and unlimited potential, allowing us to shift from dependency on who we think we are as humans, to focus and live as free forces of light or souls, who are thinking and acting in accordance with the most beautiful plan of love, light and peace, which influences others to begin to do the same.

View Meditations and Earth Healing Services via USTREAM

The public meditations of the Order are available for you to join with us live via Ustream.  For those who wish to become members of the OVF, a separate Ustream code is offered so you can also join us in member's meetings. Both public and member activities are also recorded for you to view at your leisure.

It is the collective contribution of positive intent that will activate the changes needed. The more of us who can meditate together at one time or contribute as you have time, the more quickly we will manifest the transforming energy needed in us individually, in humanity and in the Earth itself. I therefore invite all who feel called to this work to join us on Ustream. I look forward to as many people as possible joining us, as collectively we CAN make a difference.

The link and password to the webcasts and videos is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pmereki
 (wait 30 seconds for the ad to pass). Ads can be deleted by paying a small fee to Ustream if you wish.

Introduction on youtube

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leEUY63tTWg

View a Violet Flame meditation conducted by Portia on

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oMjIkyMHnY


We would love to welcome you as an OVF member. When you join, you may email your photo to Portia for the members list, as some of us are far apart and it helps us to connect as a group. Members receive daily invocations to St Germain and Lady Portia and to the specific angels of morning and evening.

We also have a study group and you can purchase the study book, St Germain on Alchemy by E Prophet at Summit Lighthouse in Australia, email Frances O’Brien franceso@live.com.au for purchase details.


Link to membership application form please click here


Members automatically receive newsletters, however if you wish to subscribe to the mailing list, email Portia

Support materials available

Link to CDs and Books


latest booklet 

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X The Order of the Violet Flame
A focus to assist planetary balance and peace


The Violet Flame is the energy of transformation and healing for this current Aquarian Age.


Program February - June 2018 (all public)

conducted by Portia Mereki

VENUE: Violet Flame Centre, Smeaton Victoria Australia (email for address)

or join us “live” via Ustream (link below).   For participants over 15 years. No late entry


Meditations: Fridays 7.30 pm



(Study group after meditation on 16th Feb, 11th May & 22nd June)

2nd & 16th February


2nd March


11th May     


8th & 22nd June    





Earth Healing Services (refreshments are available after all Services)


We invite all who feel called to contribute to Earth Healing work. Through invocation, song, text and meditation we offer our collective energy to heal our planet and humanity thus reducing unrest, violence and imbalance in ourselves and all planetary life.

Friday 30th March 7.30 pm GOOD FRIDAY Service
Friday 27th April    7.30 pm WESAK Festival
Friday 25th May     7.30 pm       ASALA Festival


Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/portia.mary.35


USTREAM   The link to join all meditations and Services LIVE for those who are able to access it http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pmereki


YOUTUBE   Meditations and Services are recorded live and transferred to my Youtube channel usually within an hour after the broadcast   https://www.youtube.com/user/hearthaven1



Dropbox (recorded meditations and events that can't be live streamed).

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nz56r98uhqz8zmd/sailors falls.wmv  then click download link to view full video.


Order of the Violet Flame  PO Box 65, Daylesford 3460   pmereki@gmail.com


Membership - see website http://www.daylesford.net.au/hearthaven/


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