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Rainbow / Violet meditations

The Rainbow meditation brings down the qualities of the colours of manifestation from the central Sun through your I AM PRESENCE, your soul/spirit.

The Violet Temple offers the opportunity to change behaviours and habits and to draw closer to your heart life.


Violet Flame booklet explains everything you need to know about the Violet Flame.





Booklet and CD $30




Heart / Releasing Fear meditations


Meditations to assist heart opening through a guided journey into your heart temple.

The second meditation takes you into the blue pyramid to release fear.







The "More of Who You Are" Series of talks and meditations


An edited version of a public meditation course conducted by Portia in Melbourne, containing talks and meditations relating to the journey of humanity, understanding the Soul, the working of mind, afterlife, extraterrestrial life, the bigger picture, mastering Saturn, and before the beginning of creation.




Set of 6 CDs $60


Set of  Cassettes $20




Songs with Portia


12 spiritual songs sung by Portia in honour of the Masters and Ladies of Light, and the impulses of this time. Song texts are included to sing along, to accompany meditations, enhance events and activities or for personal devotional use. The accompanying piano is beautifully prepared by an outstanding young musician, Benjamin de Murashkin.







The booklet


Wisdom between Personality and Soul


Contains affirmations and sentences to bring you in line with the wishes of your Higher Self. Take one per day and apply it where you can to change your perceptions and  belief systems to more constructive and loving ones. $12.00





Add $5 P&H per order in Australia, and $18 for overseas orders. (May vary if orders include more than 3 items).





Meditation, the Spiritual Path & Earth Healing


$12 + $5 P&H





Transpersonal Therapy in Practice

New Book by Portia now available. Covers counselling, death and dying, crisis, the inner bodies, quick regression technique, guided imagery and transpersonal work and examples of inner work. Easy to follow guidelines for many situations whether you are a professional or just want to be more effective with family and others.

$20 + $5 P&H to Portia at her PO Box Daylesford






$20 each + $5 P&H to PO Box Daylesford 3460




Preparing for the Buddha of the Heart

This book is a guide to understand the planetary and individual healing needed at this time to prepare the heart centre for the new impulse of consciousness for humanity. Purchase here online or via PO box address  $30 incl. P&H


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DVDs of Portia's work at rave and music festivals

$20 + $5 P&H to P Mereki, PO Box 65 Daylesford 3460



Opening Ceremony at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2007


A wonderful gathering of about 300 people participated in dancing and celebrating the future
Buddha Maitreya and making sacred the ground by bringing down His Heart into the
Earth and all festival participants. 




Opening Ceremony Rainbow Serpent Festival 2008.


Beaufort Vic, Australian Day weekend.
Portia conducting the opening ceremony with 500 participants.









Maitreya Festival 2008

Portia presented a workshop on Meditation and Earth Healing Services.

Maitreya Festival 2009

Portia conducts the Opening Ceremony on the main stage and an opening ceremony in the healing area,
for the blessing of all participants and the festival space.