• Fellow of Academy of Hypnotic Science – FAHS • Certified by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners ~ CHT

• Member, Approved Supervisor of Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists ~ MASCH • Ex Pharmacist

• Post Graduate of International Academy of Nutrition • Affiliate of Australian Counseling Association


Our Thoughts

  • We are what we think. What we believe shapes our future.

  • Our current thoughts are creating our future - this is happening right now.

  • Now is the only moment that exists, we enjoy the moment.

  • Past regrets and future concerns are irrelevant, and we don't give them power.

  • A fixed idea affecting our happiness needs to be cancelled, replaced or amended.

I have retired from Hypnotherapy Practice.

I thank the many clients over the last 24 years and wish you well.

I encourage people to look at my articles that have been well researched.

John Bohn    -    0419 157 633

I am referring clients to Leane and John Simmons in Ballarat 5333 1565 or


Phone: 03) 5348 1214

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